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Lifestyle Magazine is a great Family magazine, covering a range of content including breaking news, relevant current affairs, articles on marriage and family, devotional teachings, fitness, food, sport, fashion to tech, gadgets, travel and gaming and much more! Our Articles are provided by professionals in their field and are tailor-made for easy reading.

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SA Suburbs is Community and Business Empowerment and Upliftment Company based in Durban. Providing a service to both businesses and individuals from everyday design work, book design, and layout to posters, business cards, websites, digital media advertising screens, and business support. We own and run our own magazine "Lifestyle Magazine".


We are also involved in the historical part of Durban and have been behind 3 Historical Books' designs and layouts. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of our Great city of Durban and work with quite a few historical groups based around Durban.

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